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Draft Network

How was the Draft Network designed?

Based on the KTA Board’s resolution, the Draft Network has been designed to assign 70%

of resources to goals that can achieve high ridership and 30% to provide coverage. This is done by consolidating duplicative resources and moving some resources from coverage service to ridership (or higher frequency) service.

The Draft Network uses the same budget we have today. For most people and places, the Draft Network improves access to jobs, people, and opportunities by transit. It does this by providing more frequent service along the busiest and densest corridors.

You can compare this network to the pre-pandemic network, which is here.

Draft Network

The Draft Network connects the busiest parts of the city with the best possible bus service (every 15 minutes or better). On average, more people can get to more places sooner with this concept, so ridership will be higher.  But some places lose coverage.

Dark red lines arrive every 12 minutes

Red lines arrive every 15 minutes

Blue lines arrive every 30 minutes

Light blue lines arrive every 60 minutes

Draft Plan Citywide Network.png

Access to Jobs

With the Draft Network, in 45 minutes...

  • The average resident can reach 16% more jobs

  • The average low-income resident can reach 20% more jobs. 

  • The average household without a car can reach 22% more jobs. 

  • The average resident of color can reach 24% more jobs. 


Access to Proximity to Transit


  • Residents near 15-minute service: 79% more

  • Residents near any service: 16% less

  • Jobs near 15-minute service: 23% more

  • Jobs near any service: 14% less

Weekend Service

The Draft Network keeps all routes running on the weekend every 30 or 60 minutes, while the Pre-Covid Network runs fewer routes on Sunday and only every 60 minutes.

Want to know more? Download the full report at the library

Change in Access

Knoxville Station.png

Where can you be soon? Answering that question tells us a great deal about how useful a transit system is. The images below compare how far you can get from Knoxville Station in 45 minutes in the Draft Network.

The Draft Network increases access by expanding beyond the gray area (where you can reach today) and allowing people to reach the blue area (newly accessible areas), which would increase jobs reachable by 12%.

Click below to see more examples of the change in access for different places around Knoxville:

Questions? Go to the Connect page to send us a question.
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