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KAT Reimagined: 
Designing Better Transit Together

The KAT Reimagined project is a system-wide reimagining of the KAT bus network: where the buses go, and how often. This public-led process which began in 2021 resulted in a new Recommended Network that was adopted by the Knoxville Transportation Authority (KTA). The final detailed route maps and schedules were approved with minor changes by the KTA Board at their meeting on April 25, 2024.


Please click here to review the approved detailed route maps and schedules.


This new network of routes will replace the current KAT network beginning August 26, 2024.


For questions about the KAT Reimagined detailed routes and schedules, you can call 865-637-3000, or email your question here

Why now?


KAT hasn’t done this in a long time, but Knoxville's needs and goals have changed.  We need to make sure that the bus network is right for today, and tomorrow.

This study looked at our current bus network and how we can make it better, balancing the area we cover with how well we cover that area. Service that goes everywhere but operates infrequently doesn't work for many people, but only a few routes with really great service may not reach enough people. How do we find that balance to encourage transit use in Knoxville and make it work effectively for as many people as possible? What routes need to operate differently, and does our service provide equity and access to all of our communities?  These are the questions we asked of the public, and the Recommended Network was a result of that public engagement.  To learn more about the process, visit our Engagement page.

Latest News

What Is a Bus Network Redesign?


Redesigning the bus network means collaborating with others to answer questions such as:

Routing and frequency

Where should buses go, and how often should they come?

What kind of bus service should we have on weekends or at night?

Weekends and nights
New or additional service

Should some locations get new service or more service?

How are connections made between buses?


Redesign Process


1. Discover

  • Existing bus routes

  • Ridership and route performance studies

  • Define Network Concepts


3. Design

  • Study community input

  • Obtain KTA Board direction

  • Develop draft reimagined network


4. Confirm

  • Obtain input on the draft reimagined network

  • Stakeholder workshop

  • Public meetings

  • Survey


5. Complete

  • Public hearings on the proposed service changes

  • New bus network to be implemented in 2024


2. Engage

  • Conversations about ridership and coverage tradeoff

  • Stakeholder workshop

  • Public meetings

  • Survey

Public engagement is critical to the success of the KAT Reimagined project and every phase of the process will include opportunities for public input. Click here to get in touch.

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